Exposure time was earlier known as the " Super Hero " series, Nike Sportswear is now officially released and this series named "superman nikes ."
"Superman " series includes Air Hyperflight and Lunar Force 1 all three pairs , with Kevin Durant lightning speed , Kobe Bryant as Sheban unparalleled insight and alertness and LeBron James of the diamond -like tenacity as a design inspiration.

Rained long shot ; lightning kinds dunk ; dribble under tight defense - these are quality sports "Superman " who has.

"Superman " series fully demonstrated Kevin Durant lightning speed , Kobe Bryant Black Mamba unparalleled insight and like LeBron James diamond-like tenacity , Nike in order to these three players and they have " super power " salute . Nike Air Hyperflight series and Nike Lunar Force 1 were designed and introduced these three players have echoes of color, while the two shoes will also lightweight superman nike dunks concept to the limit.

Hyperflight designer Eric Avar ( Eric Iva ) recalled that he and Bill Bowerman ( Bill Bowerman ) of that meeting , there is a key issue that he remembered :

"You can get these shoes designed to re- light some more? "

Air Hyperflight in 2001 a launch would create a history , this is the first dual- traditional idea of ​​creating a high-performance running shoes, Nike basketball , making each one as if the wearer has a "Superman" -like speed .

Lunar Force 1 based on the same concept but create light by using Nike Lunarlon cushioning system and Hyperfuse structure greatly reduces the weight of shoes , but superman Nike shoes also greatly enhance the comfort and breathability. In the end, both a super- super- stylish look with comfort sneakers emerged .